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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Notice Me!

As new authors, while we’re out promoting, interviewing tweeting, FB’ing, networking, we all have the same in common:  The desire to be noticed.

Publicity is an interesting concept; what seems simple is far from the truth.  Even “publicists” sometimes can’t get the publicity many authors are seeking (I write by my own experience).  Reviews are a good start, features and interviews also help, but what brings us out of the shadows of amazon and smashwords to be “known?”

Complex questions rarely lead to simple answers.  As a fan of “Occam’s Razor,” I’ve found it doesn’t apply to the publicity of new authors.  What are we to do?

I’ve found the least-expensive method is to follow the advice of our social networking experts and fellow authors.  Most of us know the importance of social networking as well as “promote your work, not just your work.”  As new authors, especially Indies, what we have to remember is that our books are purchased via the Internet (with some exceptions, depending on local bookstores).  We need to develop an internet presence.

An article recently about authors constantly networking with other authors made a valid point:  Authors are not always readers, and it’s readers that an author wants.  I still like to network with authors because I learn so much from them and I like reviewing their work.  But for new authors, we need readers.

For-money services are out there to attract readers, such as “Tweet-Adder.”  This strategy is to tap into the readership of other authors in your genre.  As a non-expert, I suggest checking this out and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Last, but not least, we have to write all the time.  One book every ten years may work for Jonathan Franzen, but not for us new Indies.  Readers have to see your work, and even for the “big shots” it takes more than one book often to get noticed. 

The experts don’t ever say that getting noticed is easy.  But persistence does pay off to some level.   As long as we new authors understand that, we can find our own way to get noticed without getting arrested in the process.

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