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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Cole Cut IV: Great Books for Kids

During my writing/reviewing/blogging journey, I came across some writers that amazed me not only with skilled writing, but fantastic imagination as well.  In this list are books that are to me great books for kids.  Disclaimer:  When I say “kids’ books,” that always translates into “Parents check these books out for your kids.”

“Neiko’s Five Land Adventure,” by A.K. Taylor which I reviewed at four stars, to me is incredibly imaginative.  The fun adventure story is to me a fun book for any age, including adults still kids mentally.

“Toonopolis” by Jeremy Rodden , also reviewed by me at four stars, is over-the-top imagination at its best.  To be dropped into a world of bizarre, fun characters with a touch of danger make for a fun read.

More to follow as 2011 winds down!

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