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Saturday, November 12, 2011

For Our Troops: Meet Shevata of the Gastar Series

For the Blog Tour, you should be coming from author David M. Brown:

I first introduced my dark heroine Shevata, the lead character of my Gastar novellas in 2009 with “The First Book of the Gastar Series:  Act of Redemption,” a medieval dark fantasy/action series. The sequel, “Children of Discord” was published in 2011.  The Gastar series will be a collection of four novellas when completed.   I am honored to present her again to the brave men and women (past and present) who protect our freedom as we write these books.  I hope the Troops get a chance to enjoy the work of all participating authors.

Who is Shevata?  She is a former child slave fighter, amongst thousands of children born and bred for the sole purpose to fight a centuries-long war for the city of Gastar against the Abbians, evil priests who conjured undead soldiers of slain people, creating an almost limitless army.  Shevata was born in the latter years of the war, and was made an assassin instead of a soldier, so she rarely visited the battlefield.  Historical comparisons to her creation would be the numerous regimes that use children for soldiers, for example, the Nazi children of WWII or the Khmer Rouge in the 1970’s, just to name a couple.

What are Shevata’s abilities?  She’s a small, underdeveloped, sixteen year old girl that doesn’t appear dangerous.   So how can one so small be such a competent killer? She has a single unique skill, moving objects with her mind (telekinesis).  As a weapons expert, she can use anything from swords, arrows, and a kitchen skillet to the bad ends of her opponents.  As she concentrates, the weapons are propelled far beyond her physical strength, making her a particular nasty adversary. She can open locks without keys, climb walls with expertise, and move the earth to bury small buildings and slain enemies.

On a radio interview I was asked what was Shevata’s weakness.  Physically, she has few.  In the first two novellas, “Act of Redemption” and “Children of Discord,” her soul was removed as a curse for killing the last Abbian high priest without a death order, which demoted her to murderer.  With no soul, she doesn’t bleed nor age. I know too well by taking martial arts myself that a small person cannot easily overtake a large person by hand-to-hand combat. So size does count in the Gastar Series.

The main supporting antagonist of the Gastar Series is Zermon, demon lord of Hell.  His personality is based on my older brother, now a family joke.  He met and imprisoned Shevata in hell after she rescued scores of living child soldiers held by him as a favor to the Abbians, so the two know each other quite well.  This pair of powerful adversaries plays off one another to add an element of humor to the story; as some call it a “backward spin” of a huge demonic monster accusing a small teenage girl of barbarism.

What does Shevata want?  She wants to grow up. Unlike many medieval stories, she doesn’t make a geographic journey. Her path lies within herself, and the challenge is for her to change everything she’s ever known or learned to become a completely different person who matures, discovering the true life of love and family. 

I welcome readers to meet Shevata in my Gastar novellas.  These are not romantic cuddly stories; Shevata’s tactics rival the brutality of her enemies.  But her feelings are real; she sees people around her living a normal life, and yearns to do the same.  But she knows her enemies from the dark past and her intentions towards them are not forgiving.

Recognitions:  The first, “Act of Redemption,” is currently listed as Best Independent Novel on Goodreads, a reader/writer website. Shevata won a poll on the same site for Most Memorable Female Action Heroine, Assassin category.  The sequel, “Children of Discord” was published in 2009, and won a Pinnacle Achievement Book Award for fiction. 

BTW, when I ask my readers who've done military service what they think of Shevata, generally they say the same thing:  "She's hot!"  (men and women)

For the next part of the Tour, meet author Glen Skinner:


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