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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Cole Cut VII: Generosity and Visionaries

In this section of the “Cole Cut” I’d like to feature some talented, fascinating people that through their work, they reach out to help not only new authors, but also many people in need.  Their unwavering efforts will continue to reach out to those not as fortunate as us blogging away at our computers.

Kimberley Johnson
Author Kimberley Johnson, her mother Ann Werner, and Ralph Faust:  Their creation of “The Virgin Diaries” a sensible, tell-all book from confidential interviews about first-time sexual encounters is to reach out and help people deal with sensitive topics.  The follow up, “There Ain’t No Sunshine” reveals the under-appreciate heartbreak felt by men.  I’ve given them both five stars, and their upcoming book on body image I’m sure will not disappoint us.  Besides their work, I applaud their courage to make a stand for Indie writers.

Bernard Schaffer
Bernard Schaffer, author of “Whitechapel: The Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes” got five stars by me and is a must-read for fans-and non-fans of one of the greatest detectives in literary history.  He formed the “Kindle All Stars” whose proceeds go to missing and exploited children.  He also looks like a younger David Boreanz, but don’t tell him I said that.

Pandor Poikilos
Pandora Poikilos:  Accomplished writer who spends time in the blogosphere helping other authors get noticed in the vast cyber-space.  She’s brilliant, kind, and offers to help everyone.  She’s a forerunner for Orangeberry Books (amongst others), and sets us straight when it comes to blog touring.  For flunkies like me, I admire her straightforwardness and dedication. I’ve got two of her books and looking forward to reading them.

Paul Anthony
Paul Anthony:  The ace author of “Bushfire” given five stars by me reaches out to the Dyslexia Foundation.  He’s brilliant, generous, and I’ve got him working on a Mississippi accent.  It could be worse:  I could be working on a British accent.

Blog Tour de Troops:  As my first successful blog tour, I loved it and hope to participate again.  So what I gave away books?  Look what our Troops give for us.  No comparison. 

More to follow!  I’ve got a bunch because I’m blessed to virtually meet so many awesome people!

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