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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Cole Cut V: Who Freaked Me Out

As I continue to reflect back on 2011, I’d like to name some creative authors whose books I’ve reviewed that took me down the scary journey into the world of darkness and horror.  

Ania Ahlborn’s “Seed,” reviewed by me at five stars, made me jump out of my chair.  When I read part of it aloud to my husband he said, “If you keep reading that you won’t be able to sleep for a week.”  At five stars, Ania’s book threw me for a loop, and her book did understandably well regarding sales.  

Erik Gustafon’s “Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon” is a fascinating debut novel as the layers are pulled back to reveal to a young man the explanation of horrific events he experienced as a boy.  Reviewed by me at four stars, and Erik was nice enough to be my first interview on my blog.  

S.L. Pierce’s “The Hate,” layers “Evil upon Evil” that made me squirm, but brilliant at four stars by me.  Let’s just say, don’t tick off her heroines. They play for keeps.

Last, but not least, Diana Trees’ “Divine Wine” which I’ve mentioned in a previous article, is a “wickedly funny” version of a vampire story.  Like I stated before, it’s nothing like any vampire story I ever read.  At four stars by me, horror fans, check out how bad vampires can really be.