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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Cole Cut IX: More Great Books

In this installment of “The Cole Cut” I’d like to point out a few books/authors that created stories that I’ve enjoyed in the year 2011.  The ones below are some I reviewed earlier in the year, but I do recommend checking out some of my more recent reviews, including “The Underwear Dare” and “Caring for Eleanor.”

 Niamh Clune's "Orange Petals in a Storm" is a beautifully written paranormal novel about a girl finding her way from despair.  At four stars by me, I highly recommend it.

I enjoyed "Hazardous Choices" by Joseph Rinaldo.  This is a captivating read about a young man transcending his double life of gangland crime and a college athlete.

"Learning to Fly" by Gina Penn is a moving series of short stories that are as fascinating as they are darkly disturbing.  At five stars by me, I thought it was brilliant.

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  1. I can vouch for Niamh Clune's, "Orange Petals in a Storm", having read it just recently. Certainly a book worth getting a hold of. For Joseph and Gina, I have yet to buy their book but winter is just starting to settle in, so one never knows. Thanks for sharing.