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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Cole Cut VIII: It Began with a “Bang”

Author William Butler

In my very early author/blogger days, I got discouraged from seeking out potential reviewers, and getting some rejections.  One reviewer seemed interested, but didn’t post a review on the free book I sent because Edward Cullen wasn’t Shevata’s love interest.  While I do appreciate the honesty of reviewers being up front with me about their book preferences, I had one of many low days.

Since I already had a kindle (got before they got cheap, as I’ve written before), I did a quick scan on Twitter.  I decided to become a book reviewer.  What does it mean to be a reviewer?  Well, to state the obvious, one reads books.  As a non-editor, I go for content.  So there I was, tweeting away about my book, and never offered to read anyone else’s?  Not one of my better moments. 

A title caught my attention on Twitter by a guy wearing sunglasses reminding me of Joe Cool (that’s a compliment).  The title was “Bang.”  I saw the synopsis, and decided to give the book a try. 

For those who haven’t read it, “Bang” it’s a well-written Noir fiction novel.  For those offended by this “very R-rated” story, I suspect they have had the fortune to have never known people like that.  But for me, yes, I’ve known people that abuse alcohol, drugs, commit adultery and come home after a hard days’ work for a hard night of inter-martial fighting.  (Adulthood is under-rated; I can avoid such these days).  So to me, it was brilliant at five stars.

The author William Butler saw my five star review and found me on Twitter, graciously thanking me, and asking, “who are you?”  I love pleasant surprises. 

Since then, William and I support each other’s work.  Are we “faking” our reviews?  Nope.  We’re two struggling writers.  As I mature on my writers’ journey, I’ll remember where it began:  Not necessarily with my own first book, but appreciation of others’ books as well. Any author I’ve reviewed since has William to thank.

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