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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The House

Game of Thrones "Jacqen H'gar"

Fan fun with Game of Thrones character meeting the lead character in the Gastar novellas.

Shevata walked around with amazement in the huge building known as the House of Black and White.  For a place of such mystery, it wasn’t really guarded and had almost nothing inside.  No furniture, no rooms set up for eating, bedrooms, and sparse areas for bathing and the sleep areas looked more like a barracks.  After taking a short self-guided tour, she nodded with satisfaction.  Zermon will like this place. A voice rose behind her.
“A girl visiting the Many Faced God?”  A striking man with hazel eyes seemed to glare through her. 
“No, just looking around.”
He smiled.  “A girl is not a girl at all.  A girl pretends to be a girl but is something else altogether.”
Shevata winced, concerned he could read her mind.  “It doesn’t matter what I am.  All that matters is who’s coming here.”
“A girl that’s not a girl brings the God of Death to the House of Black and White.” 
“Don’t call him that.  He hates being compared to that god.”
“Yet death comes.”
“Yes.  He brings lots of death wherever he goes.”
“So what is your part?  You help him?”
“I help him because if I didn’t, he’d do worse, trust me, I know.”
“When will he be here?”
“I summoned him.  Which means either in the next five minutes or five years.”  She walked to the wall of faces.  “They look the same to me.” 
He laughed.  “Of course they look the same to you.”
“You’re not human, just an immortal pretending to be a girl.”
“And what does that make you?”  She felt a sting in her neck, then pulled out a dart and threw it on the floor.  “Stop with the poison darts!”
He shrugged.  “It doesn’t hurt to try.” 
“Do you wish so much to kill me?”  She pulled out her golden jeweled dagger and presented it to him.  “Use mine.” 
He started to touch it and withdrew his hand.  “A girl wields a powerful weapon.  I don’t think so.”  She put it away.
“Would you prefer to make a deal with me, or my companion Zermon?”
“That’s an ill choice, but you, I suppose.”
“Can you find me a building like this one, open on the inside and empty?”
He thought for a moment.  “I can probably do that.”
“Good.  Let’s get it cleared out so we can get him set up there.  Hurry though.  If for once he’s ever on time, this place will no longer exist.  Firepits to hell will fill these floors.”
“A girl gave me a warning, then?”
Shevata smiled.  “A girl pretending to be a girl, right?”

Meeting the Boy

"Game of Thrones" Olly

Game of Thrones Olly meets Shevata in the Underworld.

Shevata sat at her desk in her office in Hell, with the lush design being a cold comfort to the conditions outside.   About every hour she’d hear a blood curdling scream of something terrible outside; it could be anything.  Zermon tortured demons often, some escaped, most were captured and tortured again.  She remembered never thinking of Hell until she first came here on a suicide mission to save human lives.  Now it’s almost home. 

A demon’s head was in the doorway.  “He’s here.”
“Bring him in at once.”  Shevata moved a small chair opposite to hers at her desk.  She found a pitcher of pomegranate juice, something she smuggled from home, and set up cups. 
The boy sat across from her, shaking with fear as the demon unchained him.  “I told you not to chain him up!”
“He’s stronger than he looks.  Be on your guard.”  The demon turned and left. 
She poured the juice into both cups.  “Is that what I’ll get from you, Olly?  Do you want to fight me too?” 
Tears welled up in his eyes.  “I want to go home!  I want my Mum and Dad!  We were farmers and they attacked us!  They ate my parents!”  He leaned forward sobbing. 
Shevata watched as he finally stopped crying.  “Have you finished?  Have some juice, it’s poison.”  She swallowed a gulp.  He took his cup and drank it down. 
“That’s really good.  It’s poison, really?  So I’ll die down here?”
“Well, you’ve died and you’re here by your decisions you made in your life.  Do you want to talk about it?  What happened after your parents were killed?”
“I joined the Night’s Watch.  Jon Snow made me his steward.  Then he betrayed us all by bringing Wildlings into the Wall.
Shevata unrolled a scroll.  “And you took part in murdering Jon Snow, who took you into his confidence, his special trust, and you killed him. “  She rolled the scroll up.  “Now Olly, for me to help you, tell me what you would give up for Jon’s life.  Anything?”
“What do you mean, give something up?”  His tear stained face looked up at her with frustration.
“The only way you have to make things better for you is to give up your soul for someone else.  That’s the best deal you’re going to get down here.”  She sipped the juice. 
He threw down the cup.  “No!  I won’t do it!”  Shevata grabbed him by the ear and they walked out the door.  “Where are you taking me?”
“To meet the boy.”  They reached the edge of Zermon’s fire pit, where he was shouting orders about air freshener. 
“Whoa!  Is that the Westeros kid?  That’s a messed up place.”  Zermon laughed.  “What’s his sentence?”
“He will meet the boy.”  Shevata leaned into the fire.  A crowned blonde demonic boy rose to the edge of the flames.  “Your Grace, this is a new boy.  Be a good lad and show him around down there.”  Olly’s screams faded as Joffrey yanked him into the flames. 
“Hell is getting worse by the day.  Children. Really Shevata?  What are my enemies going to say?”  Zermon swatted a winged demon away.
“They will want to meet the boy too.”