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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Cole Cut III: Best Blogs

                                  How To Write Badly Well

Joel Stickley
Funny guy Joel Stickley writes his versions of “bad writing” with a stroke of genius.  Bad writing is easy, but only the most talented can Write Badly Well.   From his most recent posts it looks like he’s taking some time away from the blogosphere.  When I’m in need of a laugh, I’ve yet to be disappointed.I highly recommend reading at least the first link posted here:

                                Derek Haines: The Vandal

Derek Haines

Derek is a Tweep that shares his own take of his life, writing, and the world.   I reviewed his book “Vandalism of Words,” which is quite cool at four stars and have his book “Dead Men.”  He’s insightful, funny, and don’t tell him I said so.  It may go to his head. 

More to follow as 2011 winds down....


  1. Correct C.C. Your kind post went directly (did not pass Go, did not collect $200) to my head. :)