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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Cole Cut II: Good Fellas

As I’m backtracking over 2011 acknowledging great people who’ve helped me find my way down the cyber-road, for this part of “The Cole Cut” I’d like to point out some great guys.

Paul Dorset
Paul Dorset:  Author of YA fantasy, his excellent book “Xannu” given 4 stars by me.  He uses my articles for his on-line news-for-writers service, “John’s elite” which I highly recommend for the excellent writing/editing tips he posts. (Well, along with my finite wisdom).  He has a new paranormal thriller “New Blood” just out, I highly recommend checking out his work.

Nik Beat

Nik Beat:  Radio personality of the totally cool CIUT out of Toronto, Canada, was nice enough to accept and read my first book, and invite me to his radio show through a publicist contact.  He repeated the favor with my second book.  He features a wide variety of music, along with humor, and is an activist for education.  

M.R. Mathias:  The big dude is a widely accomplished, award-winning medieval dark fantasy writer.  Interviews with him show that when life goes wrong, you can still pick up and make it better; I applaud him for that.  During my Twitter infancy, he helped me get followers (I’d be surprised if he recalls doing this).  His book, “The First Ten Steps” a how-to guide for self-published authors, to me is simpler and less “showcased” than the super-seller by John Locke (though I liked both).  I have at least four of his books, and hope to someday do a post on all of them at once. 

More to follow!

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