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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Queen’s Arrival

Cersei Lannister "Game of Thrones"

Let’s see how our favorite evil queen fares in the Underworld.

Shevata sat at her desk in Hell frowning as she read a long scroll detailing the life of a Queen who committed her first murder of an innocent girl her age at ten.  She grew up in a powerful family, had a incest relationship with her twin brother, and has been on a mission to have her dwarf brother killed over accusations lacking evidence he murdered her son. 
“Bring her in.”  Shevata put the scroll on her desk.
A beautiful full figured blonde woman stepped in, wearing lavish clothing, looking around Shevata’s well furnished office as if were a slum.  She sat in the chair across from her at the desk without invitation. 
Shevata picked up the scroll and tossed it toward her.  “What do you want, Cersei Lannister?”
She swatted the scroll away to the floor.  “I want my brother dead.  He will kill my youngest son next and you’re my last chance I have a protecting my boy.”
“You should have brought you son with you here for protection it that’s what you’re concerned about.  I’ve held others here while their world settles down, but it’s a case by case basis will I do such bidding.”
“No, you idiot!”  My son is King!  He is to rule and he can’t do that down here.  You must find my brother, bring me his head, and you will be richly rewarded,”  she sniffed at her and her room, “in any way you prefer.”
Shevata picked up the scroll from the floor.  “Did you know your lover brother has been to see me several times?  He wants me to punish him, but my companion declines his request for our fires.  What about you?  Do you have anything you’re willing to give up?”
Cersei blinked.  “What are you talking about?  That’s nonsense.  Jaime wouldn’t do something so foolish, and no, unless you have something for me, all I have to offer you is to have your tongue ripped out for saying such lies!”
Shevata smiled.  “Good luck with that.”  She shrugged, "let’s dispense with the threats.  Another arrived before you.”  A side door opened an Maggy the Frog stepped in, making herself comfortable on a couch. 
Cersei’s green eyes became wide with rage.  “You invite this woman here?  You are disgusting!”  She stood up to leave but Shevata lassoed her with a thin rope and tied her to the chair. 
“You leave hell when I say you leave.”
Maggy smiled and walked out of the room. 
“If you truly love another, you must give something up of yourself to help them here.  I won’t offer you anything else. “
Cersei remained silent.  Shevata pulled out a blue gem from her pocket and after saying a few words, Cersei screamed, then relaxed, like she felt better.  Shevata held the stone, now glowing.  “I’ll be watching you from here.  You can return to your world but now you know that hell will be your home.”  

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