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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Radio Moment: The Sean and Simon Show

It’s always fun to meet younger people with the enthusiasm only youth can produce.  It’s not that growing older is a bad thing (though I miss my young hair), to me it’s like a microscope:  When we’re young, we focus with the broad lens, and as we learn through years and life experiences, we re-focus into narrower details, and if we’re fortunate enough to become wise, (wishful thinking on my part) we’re in oil immersion (for my microbiology friends out there) for the greatest magnification.

Now I’d like to hand my blog space over to a couple of good fellas, with youthful passion regarding world events, humorous dialogue, great music, and an all-around good time.  

And, as an American from the Deep South, I love their accents.

First of all, I would just like to say thanks so much for this opportunity C.c! We appreciate it!   You're most welcome, guys!

What is your show's name?
We are ‘The Sean and Simon Show.’ We have 2 weekly podcasts (‘Squeezebox’ and ‘Fill Me In’) which can be found on our YouTube channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSeanandSimonShow?feature=mhee and we have a live broadcast once a week on http://www.nusu.co.uk/nsr Thursday 12:10-13:30

What is your show's focus (entertainment, news, entertaining news, etc)
‘Squeezebox’ is primarily a comedy show, with several funny features which mainly pit mine and Simon’s debating skills against each other in an entertaining way.

‘Fill Me In’ is a more topical show, drawing on the idea that we aren’t just all about comedy. We intellectually debate and discuss issues, which we feel are important in today’s world. We aim to make ‘Fill Me In’ come across as an intellectual show; however, we still include elements of satirical comedy to lighten some of the heavier discussions.

Our radio show is much like a toned down version of ‘Squeezebox’ with music. We include comical features to entertain the listeners as well as some of the best tunes the world has ever seen. FACT. We try to keep it at around a 50/50 split, but we love the sound of our own voices so much, we may revise this in the future!

When did it start?
We had the idea for the show many months ago. We first intended it to be just the radio broadcast. However, upon recording the demo (which can also be found on the YouTube channel), we gathered momentum and gained a lot of support. We decided to start the podcasts in the event that the radio didn’t have a space for our show- as it goes, they did, and now we have both.

Who's on board with you?
Well of course, as a duo, we have a lot of family members and friends who are interested. However, I was really astounded to see quite a few people who we had lost touch with in the past be really supportive and get involved. It’s really opened my eyes as to who my real friends are. Everyone’s been really great though; my family, The Collaborates and even some friends who I would have least expected.

Have you done radio/video before?
My only experience of something like this was the ‘EmWrites Team Tumblcast’ that was done for the promotion of an author a while back.

Where would you like the show to go long-term? Say a year from now?
Personally, I would be very interested in doing radio as a career, but I know Simon isn’t. However a year from now we would like to have an established weekly show with many more listeners and fans! It would be great to have a bit more involvement in the student radio as well.

What's your favorite topic?
My favourite feature is ‘Squeezebox’s- Make Simon Laugh’. There have been mixed reviews on Simon’s laugh, but I find it hilarious. What I love even more is the articles and stories I find to make him laugh each week! I really like the contrast between ‘Squeezebox’ and ‘Fill Me In’ though. Whilst we may come across silly in ‘Squeezebox’, ‘Fill Me In’ allows us to demonstrate that we aren’t brain dead and just looking for laughs. We genuinely are opinionated folk with the education and intellect to back it up. Furthermore they both appeal to different audiences, so, much like our personalities, we don’t alienate anyone who is interested in our shows.

Are you featuring guests?
Haha! This is something all my friends keep asking me. We hope to in the future, but initially, we want to provide our audience with consistency and familiarity. Ironically, I think this is what encouraged the reformatting of the show after episode 1. We wanted to provide the listeners with a solid format which balanced durability with entertainment. I reckon we nailed that by epidode 2 for now, anyway.
A weekly show of juvenile comedy and petty debate, with an eclectic mix of our (and your) favourite music. Email seanandsimonshow@hotmail.co.uk Website http://theseanandsimonshow.tumblr.com/

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