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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On Dreams, Women, and Betty Dravis

As a member of the FB writers’ group Author Central, I virtually met Betty Dravis along the way a few months ago.  When groups contain hundreds of authors, as a newbie I tend to sideline and try to learn from the pros and do what I can to support and learn from my writer colleagues. 

One day I got a message from Betty telling me she would get around to reviewing my books, but was very busy.  Certainly I was grateful, and taken aback a bit because I didn’t think she knew I was around.  Like I do with all reviewers, I sent her kindle copies of my books.  With her book promotion of her own “Star Struck” I downloaded and gobbled it down it short order.  After that, I decided that one Betty book wasn’t enough; I downloaded “1106 Grand Boulevard.”  Reviews are below.
Review of “Star Struck:  Interviews with Dirty Harry and other Hollywood Icons” by Betty Dravis

“Star Struck” is a fun read by ace author Betty Dravis that to me tells the events in her life as she experienced it.  Most of us do not meet and interview famous people; therefore beyond film preferences or politics, such a meeting is aptly described as “Star Struck.”  Betty does not describe these individuals as better than anyone else, it’s the meeting and talking with them on a conversational level brings home part of how these people became famous in the first place.  From Mr. Clint Eastwood, to Senator Kennedy to Jane Russell, this is a great look at the famous from a non-tabloid viewpoint that I found refreshing.  Five Stars!

Review of “1106 Grand Boulevard” by Betty Dravis

“1106 Grand Boulevard” by Betty Dravis is a biographical account of Billie Jean, a lovely girl married young during the Depression, and the reader travels her life with her, as she experiences early domestic violence, loss, family support, and a trail of heartbreak and broken hearts, while at the same time a hearty dose of laughter.  Billie Jean isn’t perfect and doesn’t pretend to be, and like many of us, it takes a lifetime of experiences to figure out what she really wants in life; but that’s the message; the journey is what life is all about.  This is a wonderful read with almost every issue especially important to women:  Marriage, children, divorce, independence, domestic disturbances, and forgiveness fully addressed leaving the reader with a smile.  Five Stars!

Women’s issues do not eclipse men’s issues, but the emphasis regarding books and films tends to be different.  Not that it’s all exclusive; I’ve known several men that secretly (very secretly) voice a liking to Lifetime films, and I like Tom Clancy and “Fight Club.”  But women are often mothers, and as mothers, they love their children and the fathers of their children play a great part of the lives of many women, be it for better or for worse.  Also, with my sister’s death due to domestic violence as my springboard to my writing journey, that’s an important topic to me personally.  As an admirer of many genres, Women’s Literature, fiction or non-fiction, remains a standby favorite to read, though it’s not a genre that I write.  While I don’t consider myself an oracle of any type, I don’t see Women’s Literature leaving the publishing industry anytime soon.

One does not need to spend much time on amazon to find Betty Dravis, who has reviewed well over seven hundred books!  (With me at now forty-nine, I doubt I’ll catch her).  Not only has she shared her experiences and has reached out to many new authors, she knows somewhere along the line, everyone that has a dream needs someone to push them a notch forward.  That’s what Betty does; she doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone as an accomplished journalist and writer.  This is her way of giving something back, she’s giving we new authors a chance at our dream, and may her many days be blessed.


  1. What you write about Betty is very true to how I found her and to the joy she added to my experience as a new writer. She reviewed my book with kindness and an abundance of praise and when I read her books I felt like I had found a treasure.

    Also, did not know you were a greyhound lover. My husband and I adopted racers ourselves. A male and a female we named George and Grace

    Dixie Miller Goode

  2. I noticed a link to this blog on Betty's Facebook page and thought I'd stop by to see what you had to say about her. Yes, that's the Betty I know too, though I'm not a published writer. I can assure you that Betty's enthusiasm and encouragement extend to all her friends' endeavors, whatever their interests.

    All the best -- Linda

  3. Thanks for the comments, and yes, we all thank Betty, who sets a wonderful example for not only writers, but for people. And Dixie, aren't greyhounds wonderful? I love them!

  4. I join you in giving due credit to Betty as a true inspiration

    Elaine T Jones

  5. Oh, wow, C.C., I had no idea you were writing this about me. I'm absolutely flabbergasted, to use a term of MY generation. (Dare I say flummoxed?) :-)

    To know you think this much of me brings serious tears to my eyes...but they're happy tears... You have no idea how happy and humbled I feel at this moment. Your love for me just flows from your pen...and I return the love wholeheartedly.

    And I'm shamed that I haven't had time to write reviews for you. You are second on my list NOW, so I can redeem myself. I adore the main character, the teen SHEVATA, in your GASTAR series. I have read ACT OF REDEMPTION and will review it very soon. I also have CHILDREN OF DISCORD and can't wait to read it. Sorry this author's life keeps me hopping, as well you know!

    Thanks, angel lady, and thanks to my BFF Linda from NY who knows me better than anyone. Glad to see her, Dixie and Elaine commenting. Ladies, your words mean so much to me. I love you all...

    Heart Hugs always - Betty Dravis