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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hey! That's me!!

I'm being featured today on the Orangeberry Books Blog.  Many thanks to Dr. Niamh Clune and her colleagues for taking the time to do this.

But the best part about Orangeberry Books is that it's not about a single author.  Nobody is bigger than the group of us, and I believe that can be said with all writers.  Think of what the classics left us with, unforgettable stories, and we may have favorites, but does one novel stand out beyond all for everyone? And the heavy-hitters these days, from Jonathan Franzen to Suzanne Collins, do any of them stand to shadow all other writers?  No, because ultimately the readers decide, and it's our privilege of being authors we have something to offer readers, and it the ultimate joy of being a reader to experience what so many different authors give us.


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