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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On Alternative Creative Challenges

As we new authors face the many challenges of creating our work and obtaining readers, when I think of others seeking creative outlets through other means, I don’t believe any of us have an easy journey.  While I don’t know as many artists and sculptors as I’d like, I have featured the upcoming rock band “Ernie’s Denial” a couple of times, and am featuring an update today. 

For the easily offended, I’ll make note early of the word “Bitch” in the Dave Grohl cover song, but considering the hardships of this industry, it seemed to fit.  Think about it:  though music can be recorded anywhere, (bathrooms, etc) distribution is still a major challenge, and it’s practice, practice, practice for those guys in garages, in the woods, in basements; anywhere they can plug in an amp and not get arrested for disturbing the peace.  I’ve yet to see a “Behind the Music” where a music group didn’t pay their dues somewhere getting started.  (and I can’t think about the Lynard Skynard one, I recall that plane crash, it’s devastating).  And to work and work for that record deal; that's got to be difficult. 

I’m not suggesting that writers need not practice.  But at least we can stay in the quiet and usually not write the same sentence over and over again like a musician practices instruments.  Everyone’s got challenges.  And for these guys, they keep going.  I say good for them.  These guys are for upbeat original lyrics (this is a cover song I happen to be posting), anti-bullying, and last but not least all for good times and rock ‘n roll!
How about an update, fellas?

Practicing our new songs and practicing them well enough so that we can record them really well. They're different from our first set. Very different. That's how it is. We go with our musical mood and these songs have a different mood. Different color. And they have a different color from each other. In this new set. We're very eager to record them and get them out. Of course time, which is the most important factor, is sometimes not on our side. Fer works during the weekends and I can't afford to spend on a studio. Our circumstances are challenging but just like in our song "Pick Up The Pieces", I enjoy the challenge. Meanwhile, you can get a laugh at our jam sessions www.youtube.com/ErniesDenial. We're here and we're not going away. We love Y'All and we love you C.c. Cole. - Joe

I have to hand it to anyone trying to make it in the music industry, gotta admire their perseverance.  Keep on rocking guys!

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