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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Joffrey in the Underworld

King Joffrey "Game of Thrones"

The love-to-hate little evil King Joffrey of “A Song of Ice and Fire” books and “Game of Thrones” series meets the Gastar series lead character in the afterlife.  Let’s have some fun with His Grace:

Shevata sat in Zermon’s huge chair before the huge fire pit surrounded by a smooth black terrace.  Though she found Hell to be an irksome place, Zermon kept a clean and beautiful throne room even if it was in the name of all that was evil; carved tiles of obsidian made the floors, the huge throne made of obsidian also, smooth and shining.  The cries from the pit from the doomed souls with the mindless small demons scampering about gave her a constant reminder that she was not home.

A small winged demon dragged a handsome blonde teenage boy, of slight build for his age.  His blue eyes twinkled of innocence in the shadow of the fire.  The demon slapped him to the floor.  “Zermon sent you a present.” 
Shevata raised an eyebrow.  “Leave us.”  The demon walked away, taking his place behind the throne.  She looked at a book she was reading with disgust called “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  She tossed it to the demon behind her.  “Take this to Zermon.”  He left with the book, opening it with curiosity.

“So, the little King finally visits us.”  Shevata smiled.  “Get up.”
Joffrey stood, shaking with fear, but obviously tried to hide it.  “I am King, peasant!  You will bring me back my armor and return me to King’s Landing!”
Shevata broke out in laughter.  “You think it’s funny, huh?  I’ll have your throat opened, and we’ll watch you laugh then, bitch!”
Shevata calmed herself.  “Believe me, Your Former Grace, if you can take this throne,” she pointed to her chair, “I will be most grateful.”
Joffrey gained his composure as he turned a moment and looked down into the fire pit.  “Fear of having your soul burned is normal.”  Shevata leaned her head around to see his face.
“Why am I here?”  Joffrey mumbled.
“For your most infamous deed.  Zermon only accepted one charge; tough he could’ve taken many.  The death of Ned Stark is why you’re in Hell.”
“He committed treason!”
“What army did he raise, what method did he use to threaten you or your mother and natural father who is your uncle Jaime?  You had a noble, decent man murdered which escalated the War of Five Kings, killing thousands.”  Shevata glared at the beautiful boy.
“My grandfather started the war over my monster uncle Tyrion!”
“And Tywin wishes for your fate at this time.  He is with Zermon.  You are with me.”
“So, peasant devil woman, what do you plan to do with me?”  Tears began to show in his eyes.
“Nothing.  You’re not special, not more evil than most I see here, and you were never a real King.”  Shevata motioned with her hand and a pair of small demons grabbed him.  She nodded, and they threw him into the fire as his screams echoed through the room.   She made a grim face. “I don't know what could have saved him.”

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