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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Arya and the Assassin

Arya Stark "Game of Thrones"

Arya Stark meets the Gastar series heroine Shevata and fellow assassin. 

As they walked away from the Twins the following morning, the sun shone bright as if the horrors of the Red Wedding never happened according to the bright sky.  Arya looked up.  “It’s not fair.  How can she sun shine when the world’s been so horrible to my family?”
Shevata walked beside her.  At her physical age of sixteen, she was a few inches taller and a few pounds heavier than Arya. 
“I won’t banter that with an answer, Arya.  You know there’s nothing natural about what happened..”
Arya looked at her with suspicion then behind her and stopped.  “Where’s the Hound?”
Shevata smiled.  “He’s safe.  My companion has him…distracted.  He’ll come to no harm unless he becomes..outrageous.”
Arya scowled a Shevata.  “Why should I trust you?”
Shevata raised an eyebrow.  “You shouldn’t trust anyone.”
They began walking again.  The younger girl began saying “Joffrey, the Hound, Queen Cersei, Ilyn Payne, Tywin Lannister…”
Shevata smiled.  “You’re chanting your death list?”
“You’d understand if it happened to you.  Jacquen, a REAL killer, gave me this,” she held out an old coin,” that will make me a killer like him so I can avenge my family.”
Shevata stepped away and raised both hands empty.  “All right.”
“You doubt me?” 
She shook her head.  “No.  Jacquen is a Faceless Man, as capable a killer as I’ve heard of.”
Arya still looked suspicious.  “What’s your story then?”
“I’m a killer too.”
“You?”  Arya smiled.
“I was assigned to become as assassin from birth, so I’ve been nothing else.”
“No family?”
Shevata shook her head.  “No family.”
“I’m sorry.  Kids should have family.”
“So we’re both little girl killers, you a novice and me an expert.  One of us has family and the other doesn’t.  What makes us different?”  Shevata watched Arya become uncomfortable as tears fell down her dirty cheeks.
“My father was the kind of man to die for, so I will kill for him.”  She wiped away the tears. 
Shevata handed her a cloth for her face.  “Perhaps we’re more alike than we seem.  I’ve killed for people I wish were your father.” 
Arya looked up at her.  “Will you ever stop?”
Shevata smirked.  “Never.”

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