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Monday, February 17, 2014

Gastar and Greyjoy

Theon Greyjoy & The Bastard of Bolton "Game Of Thrones"

The Bastard of Bolton has Theon Greyjoy in a bad way in "A Song of Ice and Fire" and "Game Of Thrones."  Let's see if the lead characters in the Gastar novellas can help Theon out a bit.

“Are you kidding me?”  Zermon lumbered behind Shevata as she turned the lock of the gate behind the castle.
“If I had more faith in the Greyjoys, I’d leave it be.  His sister is a good, well-meaning fighter.  But that’s not what her brother needs.”  She raised her brow to Zermon and he smirked. 
“Once we enter the room, I’ll secure it, you take the Bastard.”
“What do you want me to do with him?”
Shevata shook her head and shrugged.  “For once, Zermon, I couldn’t care less.  Use your limited imagination.”
“I’ll be following you, my sweet.  Have you the gate?”
Shevata scowled at him.  “Shhh!”

As the approached another door, she opened another lock and they entered a room dimly lit with a torch.   It’s center stood Theon trussed up to a rack, blood and sweat dripping from his body.  Shevata walked in.  She raised her hand and the doors slammed shut.   She walked up to Theon and began to cut his bonds.  “Asha?”  He muttered. 
“No.  Shh.”  She removed the rope from his legs, and began to cut the binding from his arms.  She felt a hand on her right shoulder.

“Just who in the Seven Stinking Hells are you” Said the snarling voice.
Shevata stopped and stood still, keeping her back to him.  “Take you hand off me, you stinking Bastard.”
He spun her around and reared his hand back to deliver her a hard blow to the face.  As he did, Zermon grabbed his arm and yanked in backwards, breaking it at the shoulder, and the Bastard screamed in pain.  Three other men charged at the same time.  Shevata ducked their attacks to remove the hood from Theon’s head and cut him free.  Zermon broke the neck of one, kicked another so hard in the abdomen across the room, he fell dead against the wall, and put his fist through the remaining one. 

“Take the Bastard’s cloak and clothes.”  Shevata eased Theon from the rack and sat him on the floor.  She handed him water and he drank with haste.  She helped him get a shirt on and wrapped the cloak around him.

She turned and Zermon held the Bastard in the air with one hand.  Blood poured from his mouth.  “What did you do?”  Shevata nudged Theon away from the blood.  Zermon tossed the Bastard’s tongue on the floor.  “Hurry now.”  Zermon slammed Ramsay, gasping in pain to the rack and they tied him to it so tight it cut off blood flow to his limbs and they left his right arm backward as it was broken.  Shevata backed away looking at the floor and dropped an orange coin to the floor.  The fire pit to hell opened inside of the room.  The Bastard’s eyes widened with terror.  “Forget it Bastard, this is what you’ve sought since your birth, you vile excuse for humanity.”  Zermon lifted the rack and lowered it into the hell fire amongst the lower demons, securing it to burn, but not for him to reach bottom so he could climb out and exist in hell as a demon. 

When they finished, she picked up the coin and the floor returned to what it was.  They turned to Theon.  He said, “What…what will you do to me?”
Shevata knelt in front of him.  “After we kill every skin peeler in the Dreadfort, we’ll make sure you sister gets you back.  And if Daenerys Targaryen doesn’t burn the rest of your disgusting family, we will.”


  1. Hi, it's Marina, on of the admins of Free Theon! Your fanfiction is really nice, it's a dream for us, Theon lovers :)

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you like it. That Bastard has this coming and worse!