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Thursday, January 30, 2014

On Titles and Title Sequences


                              Title Sequence "Black Sails:      http://vimeo.com/84162805

I’ve blogged in the past about titles of novels, how conceptual titles are often recommended but sometimes simple titles identify the book for what it is:  My prototype example is “The Sword and the Dragon” by M.R. Mathias.  The title explains the genre, the story, and stood out as a banner and his growing fans still follow, as it is a great medieval dark fantasy novel.

For TV and films, I used to keep how much I liked title sequences to myself because I thought others didn’t find them that important.  My ignorance was cured then I read about the over-the-top, outstanding title sequence of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” (American version) because when the film was over, I couldn’t get the dark, bizarre, but cannot look away imagery of Lisbeth’s nightmare out of my mind.  It remains one of the best title sequences I’ve ever seen and when reading more about the film, others appear to agree.

The “Game of Thrones” for fans, especially we readers has a great title sequence with a memorable musical score, a chess-like view of Martin’s world, and my favorite, the “sun” that identifies the story as fantasy.

Most recently, I read an article about the new “BlackSails” series, saying it has a “Game of Thrones” like title sequence.  Hmm…I was curious.  In seeing it, there’s nothing about it that reminds me of Game of Thrones; so perhaps in writing it was to catch attention to GoT fans like me, so good for them, it worked.  The sequence to me captures pirate cultures in an usually artistic way; taking the gritty world of early 1700s maritime crime to a fascinating introduction; like above, I couldn’t look away.

As I think of great title sequences and book titles, I wonder about book trailers.  A book trailer is as close to a title sequence as an author gets.  While the question of trailers remains controversial regarding sales, the idea of a title sequence instead of a “trailer” may be something to consider.

As far as “BlackSails” we’ve had a single episode so far.  I need more to decide if I like a cable series.  Let’s hope it lives up it it’s title sequence.  

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  1. Nice idea. I love the GoT title sequence, too. Another excellent one is Boardwalk Empire, and (very different) a comedy show called Episodes