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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Games and Gastar

"Game of Thrones"

This blog post is having a bit of fun with the two lead characters of the Gastar novellas, the assassin Shevata and her “it’s complicated” antagonist Zermon, Demon Lord of Hell.  Together they take a tour of Westeros and quick trip to Essos, with Shevata showing Zermon GRRM’s fascinating, terrific world and main characters.

Zermon walked aside Shevata looking around with curiosity.  “Are you sure nobody can see us?”
“Nobody can.  The vampire whom I stole the scroll from says it will last long enough for the tour.”
They entered the gates of King’s Landing.  Zermon sniffed, rearing back his huge demonic horned head.  “It stinks in here.”  Shevata ignored him.  They made their way toward the Red Keep.  A very short man tripped on Zermon’s hoof, apologized, and kept moving.  “What was that?” 
“Shh!  He’s a dwarf, don’t bother him.”  The King was outside the Sept with his young betrothed.  Shevata pointed.  “That’s King Joffrey and Margarey.  They will get married soon.” 
Zermon frowned.  “That kid, who I’ve been hearing about is KING?” (Laughs) “What a stupid world!  Ever heard of revolution, murder, mutiny, the basics of ridding a country of bad Kings?”
Shevata gestured to quiet him.  “That was done with the Mad King, who was worse than Joffrey.  I think.”  She pointed.  “There’s his mother, Queen Cersei.” 
Zermon looked at her.  “She reminds me of my first wife.  I spent some time getting rid of her.  I…”
“Enough, let’s go.”  Shevata turned to leave the city.  “Let’s cross the narrow sea.”  They soon arrived at Yunkai. 
“More weird smells and who are these people? Does anyone wear CLOTHES in this world?”  Zermon grimaced.
“We’re not here to see the people.”  She pointed at a beautiful silver-haired woman in the distance surrounded by three dragons.  “Those dragons are her children.”
“Hmm..I despise dragons and these look like the dumb type.  It will be funny when they eat her.”
“Zermon, they won’t eat their mother and she’s immune to fire.”  Zermon’s eyes glowed.  “I like her.”
“Let’s get out of here before you get more stupid.”  They crossed back to Westeros to the Ice Wall.  Shevata looked up at the massive structure.  “Men are sentenced here for life to guard here.”
Zermon sniffed.  “Bull.  This is where they dispose of the disposable.”  Shevata shrugged, since he had a point.  They went south to Winterfell.  “It was taken by a trusted friend, then taken again by a murdering torturing bastard.  I’m suggesting that he go to your special services at the right time.”
Zermon smiled.  “I’m up for resurrections and burnings anytime.”
They went further south to Dragonstone.  “Weird place.” Zermon tapped a hoof on the ground.  “Volcanic.”
“It’s said dragons were raised here.  The rightful King by law is Stannis, who lives here.  He lost a war to Joffrey.”  Shevata looked at the dragon carvings.
“So this world is about getting that weird looking chair?”  Shevata nodded.
“There’s one more person I want you to see.  A red haired woman walked by.  “She’s a priestess, worshipping a God of Light.  What she really does is burn people alive for her…religion.”  Shevata made a sour face.
Zermon’s eyes narrowed.  “But..is..she immune to fire like the dragon girl?”
Shevata raised her bow.  “Let’s find out.”

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