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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Legolas and Gastar

Legolas "The Hobbit"

The famous battle-capable elf from LOTR and “The Hobbit” meet the lead characters of the Gastar novellas.  Let’s have a bit of fictional fun.

Shevata braced her left side where she removed the arrow.  The bleeding stopped and as she slowly concentrated against the barred door, she felt the pain ease off and her muscles relax.  An elf appeared at the door.  “Are you badly injured?”
“Not injured enough.”  Shevata looked through the bars and saw the handsome elf called Legolas, the son of the King of this small Elven realm she and Zermon stumbled into by mistake.  “Release me.  Someone is with me, very dangerous.   Don’t be stupid. “
The elf smiled.  “You mean that idiot bombastic demon?  My father has him squared away down below.  He has a spell for such creatures, meant for Morgoth in the First Age.”
“So what are you going to do with us?  Keep us here forever? Why not be civilized and execute us?”
Legolas smiled. “You know nothing of civilization, you barbaric murderer.”
“Murderer? How harsh.  How many of your friends did I ‘murder?’”
“None.  But I know what you are.  I examined your weapons.”  His elven eyes sparkled, a trait Shevata found annoying. “Stay.”  He left.  
“This will cost you a life!  Whose life will you choose?” Shevata shouted through the bars.  She let the hours pass until she could stand without pain.  She concentrated on the lock.  It turned.

Zermon stood in the center of the pentagram bored at the Elf King studying him like he was an amazing new pet.  “When she comes, you will die.”  The Elf smirked at his comment and continued to study him.  “We were passing through, and didn’t attack.  I ate several orcs.  I’m known for giving raw deals, but you? “  Zermon groused, but the elven King was unmoved. 

Shevata made a garrote out of a piece of clothing.  One by one, she caught from behind and bound the elves with their own bowstrings.  She didn’t see Legolas.  After some searching, she found her weapons in a bag thrown aside.  She made her way down a path of marble steps led her to an open room, with dim magical lights on the walls.  In the center she recognized Zermon and the Elven King, father of Legolas.  Before he moved toward her, she stabbed the marble floor with her golden dagger, creating a crack across the floor, breaking the pentagram.

Legolas returned from his evening scouting.  Alarmed by his kin bound, he found Shevata’s cell empty and her weapons taken.  When he made it downstairs to his father, he lay face down over the cracked pentagram, bleeding from a large wound to his back.  He turned his father over, who whispered as he died, “Those fall when misunderstanding others.  Don’t take revenge; we shouldn’t have held them.”
He buried his head on his father’s shoulder.  “One life, she said.”

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