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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review of “Fifty Shades Darker: Book Two of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James

In round two of the bestseller erotic series, the favorite pervert of today Christian Grey reunites with main character Ana only a few days after she left him for abusive intimate behavior.  They make a new start, trying to have a more normal courtship than a dominant/submissive pairing.  As they continue the usual sexcapades, a jealous ex-girlfriend shows up, the older woman who taught Christian his over-the-top sex-ed gets told off by a jealous Ana, and Christian reveals to Ana his darkest secret:  That he is a sadist.  While reeling from this “surprising” news, he reveals a secret about his deceased mother and says wants to solidify their relationship because of their mutual love.

The second book in this series to me re-creates the character Christian to now be a “nice guy” pervert.  Instead of some transcendence, to me it reads more like a re-writing of the character.  For this kind of story, I can deal with that, as progressing this relationship with such a sadistic man would be difficult for readers.

Now that we have a “nice” Christian, his confession to Ana about his sadism is quite ridiculous given her surprised response.  That was difficult to read.   The “mean” Christian unfortunately was stronger characterization.

But the worst part to me is Christian’s revelation of his background.  Apparently, the troubled sadist’s deceased mother was a prostitute with an abusive pimp.  Christian’s submissive ex-girlfriends look like her. So Ana now feels sorry and protective of her man like a good co-dependent should and as a reader I feel nauseated by a cliché “explaining” the controlling behavior.

So the second book of “Fifty Shades” leaves the reader with for entertainment is the over-the-top, fantasy, repetitive sex and nothing else.  Regarding the sexual content, at least it’s consensual couple adult intimacy.  One review on amazon stated that Ana should have a urinary tract infection by now I found hilarious.  Otherwise, I dislike negative reviews, but here is one.  1 ½ stars.  But for the curious and “Shades” fans, don’t let me stop you.  Give Christian another chance and decide for yourself.

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