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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Music Update: Ernie’s Denial

I’ve been following the career of these hard working rocker musicians as they continue to strive for excellence in music with upbeat lyrics, great passion such as anti-bullying, and last, but not least, great rock.  Here’s an update from the band, with links to some new songs.  I’m going to hand over my blog space to these guys who work night and day, reminding us all, that nothing is easy in our creative endeavors, and the sure way to failure is giving up.  Not these fellas, they keep on rocking, in the true spirit of rock and roll!

"Ernie's Denial"
I myself do not long for the rock n roll lifestyle, the glitz, the fame, the popularity, the image, the glamor, and all the perks. All I really want are the simple things in life. BUT since I do have this talent of playing loud guitar, I can sing nice, and come up with melodies, then i want to do it for a good reason.

I always make it a point to write positive lyrics, and to be human. Everyone in the world has been already taking so much shet and negative things. Why add to it?

Fer plays really loud and strong drums and I play loud and evil guitar. A powerful sound will always be attractive and interesting. Always. That thing is what empowers the positive and human lyrics that I write. To me, I know, our songs are powerful. They pack a punch, and I always make it a point, because I want to, to write positive lyrics, to have good words in our songs, and words that can stay in people's hearts and minds.

Words are weapons. Ideas can make changes. Since I have the good grasp of wielding words, then I’ll use it to bring something good out of anything, everything, anyone, and everyone.

For me, it's REALLY NOT about popularity, fame, fortune, and as I mentioned, the glitz and lifestyle. I’m doing this not only because I enjoy it but I can make something out of it; something that's bigger than myself; something that can spark even if it's the tiniest light. I know that it takes just a spark to start a fire.

i want to get these songs of ours out and affect people positively. i want to spark a good fire in people. We want more people to lend us their ears and listen to our songs. Download them for free, no cost at all, at our website www.ErniesDenial.com because we have good songs.

Thanks again guys, for taking the time to update us on your progress.  We new authors can relate to the hard work new musicians put into their work and certainly the amount of their inner heart and soul involved.  Check out their music some time, and rock on with Ernie’s Denial!

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