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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On the Genuine Richard Sanders

I met Richard virtually several months ago, and have recently read a couple of his books.  Reviews below:

“Dead Heat” is a story about a gubernatorial election gone awry with the murder of a candidate’s wife.  The twists and turns the story takes challenges the reader to a dark but intriguing ride as it unfolds into unpredictable outcomes.  This book is well titled, to say the least.  I found the end surprising, the read entertaining, and overall highly recommend at four stars!

“Dead Time Story” is a fractured account of historic events and stories told in a way that only Richard Sanders can.  He tells his stories with humorous dark cynicism, which is well done and a nice take from self-righteousness.  I really enjoyed this read, seeing the world and reading a love story done with fun but classy “Richard Sanders fashion.”  Entertaining and great, five stars!

author Richard Sanders
Richard is not a newbie writer, with a resume of writing for high-profile journals.  After recovery from substance abuse and jail time, he doesn’t present himself to be perfect.  To me, his genuine take on the world reflects upon his writing style, which is fast paced, dialogue-driven, and as unpretentious as he is.   He has written a number of books, is devoted to his wife, and is a supporter of other writers.  I say Good for Richard.  And Good for us as readers.  May his many days be blessed!

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