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Friday, April 6, 2012

On My Firefly and Steampunk Stagnation

"Wild Wild West"

Like I did before with my “Dark Fantasy Confession” article, again I found myself at a stop sign in my literary journey.  After over a year of gleefully reading, writing, tweeting, social networking, blogging, I’ve come to the rude realization that I’m woefully clueless when it comes to “Steampunk.” 

In my narrow hemisphere of medieval dark fantasy, I’ve heard the term used several times, but never really got a grip on what it meant.  So, like a proper net-surfer, I went to the most popular unreliable source:  Wikipedia.  The information was well summarized, understandable, and still left me clueless.  Hmm…

Somewhere I came upon a fun video of a musician who wrote a song with a video about his girlfriend who didn’t like the series “Firefly.”  I love this video (shown below) and am a huge fan of the film “Serenity.”  In the video he mentions “Steampunk lingerie.”  I get it that’s it hot, but I didn’t get any hotness beyond any other lingerie in an attractive woman to a guy.  What am I missing?  Am I stupid?  Then a terrible feeling overwhelmed me.

I didn’t like Firefly either.  “Doh!” as Homer says.

OK, before I get a unfollowed faster than the google server than deliver, let me clarify:  I love Whedon’s work.  I love “Serenity.”  I love Sci-Fi/Fantasy.  But I’m not into Westerns.   Uh, Oh. 

I’m not into Steampunk.

How embarrassing!  As a lifetime nerd, I’m quite comfortable in my nerdi-verse, and to not embrace something popular amongst others that may be in the current “coolness” nerd classification, I got a problem with narrow-mindedness.  I stand by my nerdom with huge glasses, awkwardness, past schoolmates like in “Big Bang Theory,” so why am I not into Steampunk?  I like Star Wars, LOTR, GoT, and would play an Xbox if I had one but know better.  Historically, what’s wrong with the 1800’s?  Wild West uncool?  No.  I grew up watching “Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and High Chaparral.”  But with my film obsession, do I watch Westerns?  No.  So does the “Western-ish” backdrop of “Firefly” make a difference?  Yes. 

I think all of us have preferences like any audiences.  Though my general preference is medieval dark fantasy, I’m not ready to close my mind to Steampunk yet.  With my recent review of “Carpathia” by Scott Whitmore, I’m keeping a look out for what’s out there.  One day I may get it.  And when I do, the “Firefly” DVD’s will show up in a box at my front door.


  1. Oh, don't worry. I'm a huge nerd girl as well. I play x-box at least as much as my boyfriend does, play D&D, read comics, play magic the gathering, I used to be addicted to World of Warcraft, and am a huge trekkie, so on and so forth, BUT...

    I think Star Wars is overrated. GASP!!! My brother and boyfriend and all their friends are all nerdy guys and love Star Wars and it's just not something I can get that into. It's weird to me.

  2. thank you for the comment, you're right, we all have preferences!