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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

C L Raven's Se7en Challenge!

From "Children of Discord:"

  She lay unresponsive.
  Stephen waved a hand in front of her.  No response.  "She's in a trance.  What now?"
  Peter, still holding Emeria, asked her, "What was my mother's last dream? What did she see?"
  Emeria wiped the tears from her face.  "Brimmer, or whoever he was, told me she said something about a couple of teenage children at war with each other, then saw all of us fade away.  In the cell he said they might be child warriors of the past."
  "Did you see anyone else in the cell besides Brimmer?"  Asked Peter.
   Emeria shook her head.  "Someone fired an arrow and hit his hand before he could kill me with the sword.  It wasn't one of the guards?"
   Stephen shook his head.  "Nobody could have taken a shot like you describe."

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