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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The “Twilight” Moment: An Excerpt from “Children of Discord”

I paraphrased this excerpt as well.

The following morning in the Kyrie forest, Simon stood roped to a tree.  The girl tied him up while humming a song.  “Having fun, Shevata?”  He asked as she pulled the rope taught. 

“I see introductions aren’t required.”

“You haven’t asked my name.”

“Your name doesn’t interest me, blood-drinker.  Now,” said Shevata as she pulled down a branch to cover Simon.  “You will answer my questions.  When you don’t I release the branch.”  She let the branch spring upward as Simon gasped with horror at the approaching sunlight.  She smiled as she pulled it down again. 

“Better?”  She asked.  He nodded.  “Why was I forced into your presence?”

Simon said, “If you’re tracking Goldeon, not only are you off trail, you’re off worlds.  The boy’s trouble here in Gastar.”

“That’s not an answer.  My business is not your concern.” She released the branch again.  Simon winced in pain, then the pulled it down again.

“You killed who had the information with that barbaric weapon of yours.”

She shrugged.  “So I killed a blood-drinker.  What did you expect?”

“My name is Simon.  What would you have me call you, ‘life-drainer?’”

Shevata’s eyes narrowed.  “Life-drainer?  That’s stupid.”  She shrugged again.  I supposed nobody’s perfect.

“Then consider untying me.  I doubt you can best me in battle.”

“And I suspect you’ll alert Goldeon of my presence the first chance you get.”

“Absolutely, if I find him.”

“I’ll be counting on it.  Now that we understand each other, we begin our search tonight.”  She pulled the branch further down, releasing it and repeating the maneuver as Simon shrieked at the sunlight.

The lion did not fall in love with the lamb.

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  1. That is wonderful. Makes me want to read the book to find out how she kicks butt. I love this. :)