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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Toxic Woman!" Shevata and Zermon


Zermon, resembling "Darkness" in (Legend)

--A paraphrased excerpt from “Act of Redemption” 

Zermon stared at Shevata, saying nothing.  She stared back, silent.  Jonathan, panicked, looked around anxiously.  Eloan’s odd, faceless demonic shape still held him tight.  Shevata grew impatient.  “So, what?” She asked Zermon.

“Well, she can still talk.”  Said Zermon.  “You haven’t changed much.”

“Neither have you.”

“Tell me, Shevata, what are you, some kind of plague?  You disappear into hellfire, you return.  I take you directly to the god of death, and you return.  So I will ask, why are you standing before me again?”

“I was brought here.”  She said, motioning to Eloan.  She noticed Jonathan’s fear but did not change expression.

Zermon’s eyes narrowed.  “Listen, you little bitch, you know exactly what I mean.  If you hesitate to answer my questions, your little human pet will be taken apart, piece by piece.”

Shevata stepped closer to Zermon’s huge form.  “If you or your cretins try it, I’ll kill him myself, leaving you nothing to bargain with!”

“Don’t push me!” Shouted Zermon, his voice echoing through the underground ampitheatre.

“Don’t push me!”  Shouted Shevata in return.  Then she glanced at Eloan.  She grabbed Jonathan away from him by the sleeve, pulled him closer to her, then pointed toward Eloan.  “I will tear the head off that worm if he touches this man again.”  Jonathan stayed silent, bewildered and terrified.

Zermon relaxed back in his throne, smiling.  “You some heroine, old girl.  I think the human is more afraid of you than me.”

“Stop being ridiculous.” 

“He should be.”

“Don’t you dare start.”

“What does she look like to you?”  Asked Zermon, looking a Jonathan. 

Jonathan looked at Shevata, who avoided his glance.  “Uh, she just looks like a girl.  Look, I don’t know her,” he stammered.

Zermon nodded to Jonathan.  “Watch.”  With his massive right hand, he struck Shevata across the face so hard she hurled through the air, crashing against the wall before sliding to the floor.  She leaped up immediately in a rage and then calmed herself as she walked back in place beside Jonathan with no signs of injury. 

“Bastard.”  She said.

“Now watch this,” said Zermon.  He stood and with both hands grabbed Shevata and raised her up by her waist, as she screamed, kicking her feet and punching him with rage.  “Stop it!” He shouted.

Shevata then relaxed, allowing her cursed body to drain some of his life force.  He threw her down, staggering back into the chair.  “Toxic woman!  You are pestilence!  It’s pain to even touch you now.”  He relaxed.  “I think that was a nice demonstration, don’t you agree Dear?  This human man sees us, demons of various types, and a strange young girl obviously difficult to harm by traditional methods.  She’s feared by all.  Well, except me, of course.”  Shevata rolled her eyes.  Zermon looked directly at Jonathan.  “But I can’t help wondering, from the eyes of a human man, who is the bigger monster?”

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  1. Those are beautiful images. Darkness was gorgeous! I loved Tim in that get-up. Wonderful post CC.