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Sunday, October 30, 2011

On The Passion of Writing

As I read the work of other new authors, bestsellers, and classics, it’s not difficult to see that all writers pour a part of themselves into their work.  This could be stated about doing almost anything, especially with creativity.  To me, writing, be it genre fiction, confessional poetry, inspirational novels, horror, or suspense thrillers, every author reveals something from inside not only from his/her head, but the soul as well.

I’ve written before about how writing helped me find closure following the death of my sister due to a domestic violence incident.  Time, faith, and loved ones get us through traumatic life events, and creative outlets channel our emotions into something that can be shared with others. 

Interviewers asked me in the beginning if any characters were represented based on the death of my sister.  Answer:  No.  I’m not ready to write about what happened; I can only say it happened.  Instead, as a long time fan of dark fantasy, I created a story with elements of dark fantasy that I like:  A dark, strong female lead character (Shevata), a horrific but humorous antagonist (Zermon), and a fallen city (Gastar) that re-grows as the people find their direction following a prolonged war.  I always state for my readers that Zermon’s personality is based on my older brother, now a family joke.  I like mythical creatures, and dragons are my favorite, so they’re part of the story (Harathgus).  All of my books are dedicated to my sister, not just as a remembrance, but also as an acknowledgement of where my passion for writing originates.

I appreciate how authors are so variable in the way they channel their passion through their work.  For example, some write moving prose, bringing the reader inside the emotions of the characters.  Others set up brilliant character-to-character relationships that we can relate to in our own lives.  Dark fantasy is often inspired by the work of Tolkien, so the world is created with visuals of detailed maps, and many follow a geographical journey (this is also in George R. R. Martin’s work as well…”Game of Thrones”).  My own non-epic dark fantasy work is focused more on what I call “character dynamics” meaning instead of detailing a new world, the plot is carried by the characters interacting together, to make a fast paced, dialogue-driven action story.

To me, what’s great about writing is what’s great about reading.  We see what other authors teach us through their work and create our own based on our life experiences.  It doesn’t take a biography/autobiography to tell your story.  By gathering the courage to expose your inside passion, all writers have something to contribute.

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