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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Prince in the Underworld

Tom Kane "Boss"

It’s time for the ultra-Machiavellian character Tom Kane of the Starz series “Boss” meet the lead Gastar character after living his philosophy to the end of his life and now faces judgment of his eternal soul.

Shevata sat at her desk in her hideout in Hell, finding a bit of time to escape Zermon’s hideous job of sending souls to eternal doom.  She closed a book she’d finished reading entitled “The Prince” Zermon sent with a scroll about a visitor she will be meeting soon.  “Send him in.”  She nodded toward the tall demon standing at the entrance of her office. 

Shevata felt underwhelmed by one of the most unassuming men she had ever seen.  The tall, balding man strolled in with quiet confidence, wearing a button down shirt and trousers, with no weapons.  Other than taking directions from the demon that led him inside, he seemed completely unafraid.  He motioned to the chair in front of her desk.  “May I?”  She nodded and he sat, crossing his legs. 

He smiled as if he were to calm her down.  “Look, I realize the awkwardness of it all.  Tell me, what can I do for you?”  He placed his hands open on his lap.  Shevata rolled his scroll to the side of her desk. 
“Zermon wanted me to meet you to teach me some kind of lesson, as if I need to learn anything from the likes of you, Mr. Kane.” 
“If I may say, Lady, the world I know is a place of deals.  There’s no reason it be different here.”
Shevata feigned amazement.  “Really?  What can you offer me Mr. Kane?”
“Well, the..” he motioned toward the demon in the doorway, “those guys talk about you a lot.  It seems that you’re here against your will.  So am I.  Maybe I can get us both out.”
“You will not be the first to try to talk me into overthrowing Zermon, so save you story for the fire pits.”
He chuckled and shook his head.  “You’re just like the others that serve, always thinking small.”  Shevata raised an eyebrow.  He leaned toward her.  “You can put me in Zermon’s place, I can give you freedom, any leftover humans freedom, and will work with you once you establish yourself back in your own world.
Shevata leaned back in her seat.  “So from now on, with Zermon out of the way, all of my problems will be over?”  He nodded. 
“Don’t you agree?”  He said.   

Shevata reached back and hurled a chain at him, binding him tightly to the chair.  “I agree with Zermon that all Machiavellians think they’re the smartest in the room and find their own way to the fire pits.  You, Mr. Kane, are no different.  Take him away.”  After the demon carried him away, she picked up “The Prince” and resumed her reading.


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