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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gastar and the Captain

"BlackSails" Captain Flint

I’m having a little fan fiction fun with the lead character of Black Sails, Captain Flint, meet the lead character of the Gastar novellas in the Underworld.  Let’s see how well they get along:

Shevata leaned back on Zermon’s huge obsidian throne.  “No, I don’t want to see anyone else!  Find Zermon and tell him I said to come do his own job.”
A demon handed her a scroll.  “He almost declined this one so he wants you to meet him.”
Shevata unrolled and read the paper.  “A pirate captain?  They are thieves and murderers, destined for the fire pits.  Why does this one get special consideration in Hell?”
The demon motioned with his hand and a tall muscular man stood before her.  He was bleeding from several wounds and the manacles cut through his skin.  “I take it you’ve been fighting them, uh,” Shevata glanced over the paper, “Captain Flint.”
“Yes, I was.” He stood unwavering. 

“This is your chance to tell me your case and maybe find redemption.  Tell me about your life.  The part that sent you down here.”
He looked at her with hatred.  “I left my country with my love and had no good choices to make a life for us.  Therefore, I became a pirate, so I lead crews of men that chased down ships to kill the crew and steal the cargo.  Over time, the men needed a leader, so I created the role for them by being their king.”

Shevata sat back, holding back a laugh.  “A pirate king? Go on.”
The man gave her a glance that would kill her if he could.  “I had to make decisions I couldn’t share with the crew.  They wouldn’t understand.  We needed treasure and a lot of it to make a home on land.  I wanted to make a home with the woman I loved.  I lost men trying to do that.  Should that condemn me to Hell?”
Shevata unrolled the scroll again.  “Your honorable intentions don’t change your actions of thievery and murder.  Educate me, Captain.  Why should I spare you?”
“Because it’s right!”

She handed him the scroll.  “What have you sacrificed?”
He read it as the blood ran down his arms from the wounds, ignoring them.  “This basically says I’m nothing but a brigand, a scourge, an outlaw scum.”
“Pirates usually are.”  Shevata took back the blood-stained scroll and set it aside. 
“So what will it be?” 
“I’ll send you to the upper levels to atone for the murders, and loss of the lives of your men.  You will live humble and accept your position of being of service to Zermon.  Sometimes he releases people from the upper levels and you’ll find redemption.”
“I serve no one.”

“Then your soul will burn and you will no longer exist.”  He turned and jumped into the fire pit without hesitation.  “What is it with Kings?”  Shevata threw the blood scroll down and walked away.

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