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Sunday, December 29, 2013

On Those Great Good Guys

"Man of Steel"

As a dark fantasy writer, I’ve written before how the forces of good and evil stand so strong in our minds and attract us to the “superhero” or fantasy concept; of people having abilities or cleverness beyond our own to achieve the defeat of an evil entity.  While I’m a strong proponent of the importance of a well written, but not necessarily understood antagonist, the protagonist gleams as always as the lead character in most stories.

I use a flawed, anti-heroine in my stories, but I don’t deny the strength of the old-fashioned, manly, good looking, noble, standup, fight-it-out for the people we see like favorites in comics like Superman, Batman, or in stories like King Arthur being the picture of chivalry (and infidelity in some books, but never mind). 

What keeps drawing us to these characters, now remade many times in blockbuster films after originating in simplistic comic books?  Answer:  At some point to me, it brings back the kid in us, an innocence, when we could really believe a really good guy would always win, and do it the right way, not by a slaughter, but catch the bad guy and bring him to justice.  That’s the way the world is supposed to be. 

Another draw to these awesome powerful protagonists is their great power, especially the nearly omnipotent Superman.  I don’t know a guy that doesn’t like Superman (or a girl that doesn’t like the actors), and want to see him defeat the challenge posed by either native Kryptonians as in “The Man of Steel” or Lex Luthor to find some kryptonite in traditional Superman stories. 

As a writer of a complex, dark lead character and a bona fide “Game of Thrones” nut of the series and the books, I like to think of the strong good guy model for stories as going back to the basics.  (GRRM obviously isn’t sold on the good guy thing).  We fans of fiction like good guys.  And yes, we still like the really, really good guys, that play by the rules and are always awesome.

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