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Monday, December 2, 2013

On Dark Fantasy Poetry

I’ll admit on this blog, I tend to focus on many genres and have given little attention to poetry.  It’s not that I don’t like poetry; I tend to not run across it as much as I do novels.  With this book, not only is my main genre Dark Fantasy is the focus, but the style is short haiku-like poems throughout, something I haven’t seen often, and to me, a very fun read.

“Words of the Weary King” by A. S. Washington

This collection of simple poems takes in the collective mind of Dark Fantasy as a whole.  All the way from Beheading to Jester, each piece is a little piece of the larger picture of what all of us see as something very powerful in our minds; the very essence of medieval dark fantasy.  This fast, easy read in the form of poetry is a delightful reminder that fantasy need not be told in epic novels or action stories.  Good writing can carry the message regardless of the method, when done well.  Five stars!

My favorite of his poems:


Where is your blade?
You’ve not hidden your intent
It is in your eyes

Readers, sometimes less is more. 

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