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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bonnie’s Final Story

“When did he say he’d be back?”  Said Shevata, slumped in the corner of Zermon’s throne before the huge firepit.  The surrounding black terrace lit up with red and orange flames echoing the sounds of agonized souls from the bottom of the fire.  She found Hell distasteful enough as Zermon’s prisoner, but again to do his job of dealing with unruly souls was beyond her tolerance limit.  The imps shrugged in answer to her question as they always did; stupid, unhelpful little monsters. 

A young woman was escorted before her.  Shevata sat cross-legged, wishing she could sleep.  “What is this?”  She said to the imps.

“My name is Bonnie.”  Said the woman.
“So?”  Said Shevata.
“I think I deserve a chance to explain myself.”
Shevata raised an eyebrow.  “In Hell?” 
“I’ve got my reasons.” 
“Make it fast.”
She looked down and pretended to wipe a tear from her face.  “You don’t look like the Devil.”  Said Bonnie.   
 Shevata smiled.  “You’re running low on time.”  

“Look, I just wanted my dreams to come true.  Don’t you know what that’s like?  Being stuck somewhere and can’t get out?  Knowing your life will be nothing?”  Her eyes sparkled in the fire, and Shevata understood why this woman thought she could talk her way out of the underworld.
“This is Hell.  Of course I understand.”  Said Shevata. 
“Since you understand, then you know I did some bad things and I know that.  But I had my reasons, and I think I should have another chance.”

Shevata leaned forward.  “You sold your soul to Zermon and ensured your destiny with the first person you murdered.”  Bonnie started to weep.  Shevata said,  “I’m not finished.  The man, the Texas Ranger that led the attack that killed you?  I offered him my soul.”   Bonnie then broke down crying on the terrace in front of the throne.  Shevata leaned back into the corner.  “Take her away and find Zermon before I find him myself.”

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