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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Should we be Thankful for the “Hot Shots?”

John Grisham

J.K. Rowling

George R.R.Martin

Stephenie Meyer

As a new author, I read over and over again articles stating how Indies will never get sales and notoriety given to bestselling authors with larger-than-life size features in our local bookstores and on line.  According to some, we’re just dreamers making fools of ourselves chasing dreams.

I don’t buy into the naysayers, but I’m not deluded into thinking my self-published books will suddenly reach Harry Potter fame tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow.  But am I sorry for writing my books?  Answer:  No way!  I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy interacting with other authors. 

So what about the “Big Time Writers” or “Hot Shot” bestseller writers of today?  Should we criticize them from dark angry corners of the Internet?  Why did they get the “big break” and we new authors did not?  What makes their work special? 

Better question:  Do these successful writers block our success as independent new authors?  I don’t think so.  Somehow, I don’t believe someone came across my high-rated novella “Act of Redemption” to pass for a copy of “A Game of Thrones.”  Both are dark fantasy, but the publicity of the work of George R. R. Martin is no comparison regardless of how much I spend in ads and promotion, how much I tweet, or how many authors’ groups I join.  That’s the way it is.

Instead of scoffing at the writers who’ve “made it,” we new authors can learn from them.  Many of them write incredible books.  Others write books that we may not like, but had the “hook” to get the attention of the traditional publishing industry, which like it or not remains the avenue of more sales, though day by day Indie writers are making their way into the devices of readers. 

On Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my faith, family, and friends, including the virtual people I’ve met.  Of course, I'm thankful for my readers and those who've helped me promote my work.  I’m also thankful for the authors I’ve read, who teach me with every book, regardless of genre.  That’s not just my Indie colleagues, or the classic authors of the past.  The successful writers of today have a lot to teach us new authors as well.

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