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Saturday, November 12, 2011

On Veterans of Ancient Wars

As we commemorate the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for keeping us safe, I thought of wars of the ancient past and why they were fought.  Yes, often they involved kingship and power, but they also fought for freedom from tyrannical threats.

If anyone hasn’t read the history or seen the documentary of the Battle of Thermopylae, I highly recommend it.  Yes, the film “300” is a favorite of mine, and not just because of the eye candy of scantily dressed fit men.  But besides the bare costumes and the Hollywood-style effects, the film brings home the reason the lives of so few stood their ground, facing death as it approached them:  The freedom of their people.

Ancient wars for freedom are hardly limited to Thermopylae, but since Frank Miller created the graphic novel, the film followed, keeping the famous battle fresh in our minds.  In the east, armies were created following devastating invasions from tribal warfare.  The biblical wars showed how few stood against any as well, including the bravery of men and women during that time.

Wars have been going on since the beginning of recorded history.  The act of war is horrific on many levels, and it’s up to us to appreciate what so many have done for us not only decades ago, but centuries ago.  It’s been since 480 b.c. since King Leonidas of Sparta bought time with his life leading to the ultimate victory over the invaders, but also for the freedom of his people.  We honor him and many more like him today.


  1. Hi,
    I am so impressed with what the Indie authors are doing. You are a great group of people.
    Thank you to our wonderful service men, women, and children.


  2. Thank you for the comment and we can't thank the Troops enough!