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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review of "Black Hill Farm" and the sequel, "Black Hill Farm: Andy's Diary by Tim O'Rourke

“Black Hill Farm” drops the reader into a dysfunctional family and a relative who joins them, resulting in a cataclysm of events that result in inter-family intrigue and murder.  I especially liked the story’s presentation, with the police inspector interviews driving the plot.  Living in the isolation of a farm near nowhere, and having few people to count on, the characters live and scheme in what appears to be a small world, but for them is the entire world.  I highly recommend this book to those that enjoy suspense where things are not what they seem.  Four stars!

The sequel to “Black Hill Farm” brings back to fascinating police inspector interviews of the first book, but the prior inspector finds himself on the other side of the law.  Most of the plot is carried by the point of view of Andy, a beautiful teenage girl whose parents owned the farm.  More mystery is peeled back to expose unexpected paranormal events. Overall, this is a good sequel, and my only critique is a bit of “redux” of the first book.  Three stars!

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