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Friday, September 2, 2011

On The Self-Imposed Exile and the New Author by C.C.Cole

As I continue my journey as a new author, I’ve had the privilege of virtually meeting and reviewing many talented fellow Indie writers.  As we tweet, FB post, blog and email together, it feels like our own club of fiercely independent creators of new fiction.  In some cases, it is a club amongst Indie websites and groups.  I think many of us have some things in common:  we like doing our own thing and we’ve been turned away from traditional publishing routes.   We’re writers, we write, we market, we’re Indies, and don’t mess with us.  Want to join the party?  Don’t come over with your traditional publishing head in the sky!  Embrace your creative independence with us!

Are we new Indie writers in a self-imposed exile?  I asked myself as I turned on my Nook last night, noticing the featured books are all traditional-published.  Other than a certain blog or site that makes a point of featuring Indie books, are Indies featured?  I haven’t noticed it on amazon or any big magazines like Time or Newsweek.  (If I’m missing where Indies are featured on a grand scale, feel welcome to correct me). 

So while we’re having a great time tweeting, sharing, and reading each other’s books, what happens if/when any of us get an offer from a traditional publisher, Not offering the big bucks offered to Ms. Hocking?  (I’m not asking if we’re insane) So a small publishing company offers to pick up our books, and if we take the offer, are we out of the Indie club?  Or can we remain independently cool if we “remember ourselves?”

As I think about the books I write, the story almost fits into the Indie setting; Shevata’s independence, short novellas, lots of action, and nobody telling me to add this/subtract that.  I really enjoy the creative freedom.  What’s to say that a traditional publisher would change the story?  What if they don’t?  It’d sure be nice to off load the self-publishing costs and have a business market my books.  Would it be as satisfying a writers’ journey?  Maybe.

I think most/all of Indie writers think about this on occasion, which is perfectly understandable.  I don’t think any of us are in a position to pass judgment on the choices of our fellow Indie writers if he/she makes it into the bigger leagues.  Most of the time, I don’t think about approaching traditional publishers anymore, especially for a series, so I can keep the storyline as I think it should be.  Question:  If a traditional publisher offered to pick up my books?  Answer:  Would take into strong consideration.

It isn’t wrong to be a traditionally published writer or to be an Indie writer.  As for fiction quality, the idea of traditional-published books being higher ‘quality,’ give me a break.   New Indie authors, if you get a chance to go traditional, you have my blessing and congratulations.  I won’t unfollow you on Twitter.  Just remember us Indies still enjoying our self-imposed exile

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  1. What if a traditional publisher asked to publish my books? Interesting! And just to let you know, I loved your book. I felt transported!