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Sunday, September 18, 2011

On “The Writing Zone” and the New Author

After being asked on several interviews the setting that I prefer to write, I decided to analyze the transcendence of the endless bombardment of creative thought processes to the translation into words.  Though in films and some blogs I see happy writers relaxing on the beach, or deciding to take a couple of weeks off to enjoy a creative inspiration, my schedule doesn’t allow that kind of flexibility.

Referring back to my article on motivation, even that isn’t always enough to get my most creative brain juices flowing onto pages.  As new authors, many still rely on jobs to pay the bills and use writing as our way to share our dreams or nightmares (for my horror colleagues). 

I can read almost anywhere, except when I feel the need to play Angry Birds.  But with writing, it’s not so simple.  I usually have the television on something I like, but not enough to divert my attention.  DVDs of films are my favorite, as I have most of them memorized and creative backdrops inspire me.  The most recent films I’ve used are “The Social Network” and “Black Swan.” Neither of these films is remotely close to my genre, but if I like them it doesn’t matter.  For “Children of Discord” the film “The Dark Knight” gave me great inspiration, but only after I’d seen it so many times I didn’t need to take my eyes off my computer.

Which takes me to the computer, a Mac, the first of my recent Apple product obsession.  I’ll clarify that I’m not selling a product when I mention my Apple preference; it’s just that PC’s never-ending error messages of viral invasions got to the point of intolerable.  (People tell me new PC technology is better, and that’s great; go for it.)  I tend to keep my Internet open in case I need a break to look for a shoe or Coach handbag sale. 

When I think back to the great writers of the past; Shakespeare, Austen, Hemmingway, and Dumas (whose work I’m currently reading), I think of how difficult it must have been to either hand-write or use a manual typewriter!  Talk about feeling coddled by technology of today!  I know some current writers still prefer to use longhand, and they have my respect for their diligence. 

I also require physical comfort, so a laptop while I’m on a recliner or on my bed, which has an upholstered headboard with little arm-rests on the sides making it resemble a couch.  House chores need to be caught up or ongoing, and I cannot write with bills pending to be paid.  Social sites such as Facebook and Twitter I like to check in case I need to follow up on messages or followbacks, and my author emails need to be cleared.  Without children, that leaves out a distraction I’d find to be very challenging and can only imagine the challenges of new author-parents out there.  Considering my struggle with migraine headaches, it’s a given that I must be on a good day.

So, new authors, find whatever will get you “in the zone” a term for writing based upon my husband’s observation.  He says he can tell when I’m writing on a novel or using the computer for other means, like social media.  It’s probably the laughing out loud at some of my clever, humorous Tweeps.  Though the stress of daily living makes it a challenge, find your way into the zone and write something awesome.  And don’t forget to tweet about it.

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