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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review of “Neiko’s Five Land Adventure” by A.K. Taylor by C.C.Cole June 19, 2011

“Neiko’s Five Land Adventure” is an imaginative journey that is as much of an adventure for the reader as it is for the lead character, Neiko.  Imagination leads to reality as Neiko transcends from playing a game with action figures to a world where the figures come to life.  The author entwines the story with Native American and Egyptian historical elements adding amazing creativity to Neiko’s journey.  While the story is light, danger still exists, which make this story an excellent read for young audiences.  I highly recommend this story to anyone who pretended to be in alternative worlds as kids.  Though the large cast of characters makes for a bit of confusion, this does not take away from this excellent, well-written story.  Congratulations, four stars!


  1. How is my pal Shevata today?
    Karen in Breezy Point
    kmartin at uslink dot net

  2. Well C.C. I have hopped over from the Tribal Gathering today, joining in on the getting loaded tour fun. I thank you for sharing your review and I am looking forward to following Neiko's journey and appreciate the heads up about the large cast of characters, as this sometimes can frustrate me trying to keep everyone in order LOL I have of course some code to share with you - Neiko says "Olleh" and wants to know who your favorite character is and by the way - How is my pal Shevata today?

  3. Thank you C.C. for the review and insight on the book. I think I'm going to like reading Neiko's story.
    Speaking of Neiko, she said to tell you; "Olleh" and to ask you, "How is my pal Shevata today"?

    I'm looking forward on be adoptive by her tribe.

    Teresa K.

  4. Hi. Neiko says, "Olleh" " and says to ask "Who is your favorite character? and "How is my pal Sheveta today?"

    jtcgc at yahoo dot com

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  6. Hiya! Neiko says 'olleh'. Who is your favorite character? How is my pal Shevata today?


  7. Hi. Neiko says "olleh".
    Who is your favorite character? Also she wants to know how her pal Shevata is today???

    brandyzbooks at yahoo.com

  8. HI :) I have to thank Neiko for sending me your way and she says to tell you "Olleh" . I was wondering who your favorite character is. One more thing, Neiko is asking how her pal Shevata is today?
    Thank you for having all of us over for a visit :)

    stacey jo

    bakinstuff at yahoo

  9. p.s. I absolutely LOVE this review :) great job!