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Monday, June 6, 2011

My Review of “Learning to Fly” by author Gina Penn by C.C.Cole

I downloaded “Learning to Fly” a few weeks ago and somehow by my own disorganization the excellent writing was temporarily wandering deep in the catacombs of my laptop.  When Smashwords was kind enough to remind me that I need to read this fabulous ebook and post a review, I managed to locate it and it’s the first book I tried on my new Sony e-reader. (I’m going through a phase of trying different e-readers…one of my many hang-ups).

I devoured this very interesting, compelling written work within three hours (I reference my article on book-eating).  Penn tells a series of unrelated stories with a single fascinating, but horrifying theme: death.  I tend to back away from a detailed synopsis on book to avoid spoilers, but this book draws the reader into many ways people experience death; from knowing it’s coming soon by another’s hand, by accident, and from the standpoint of another witnessing the death of another. 

Anyone that likes a short, deep, compelling read should definitely check this work out.  It’s not comedy, and isn’t meant to be.  What it does is expose the inner fears we all carry about the end of our lives, and the affect the loss of life has on others.  Congratulations, five out of five stars!

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