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Sunday, July 7, 2013

On the New Author Redux

After spending the past several months out of cyberspace, I’ve returned to the blogosphere, back to writing, something I love to do.  What made me stop for a while?  I don’t have a simple answer.  Sometimes the switch needs to be turned off for a while, so I did.  Demands of our lives always take time, and my third novel is in the works. 

So, upon returning, I began thinking about how I started blogging:  about being a new author.  When I look back at my past articles, wow, was I green then!  Just as green an author as I am now. 

But, I’ve learned a lot on my journey so far.  Since the 2009 publishing of my first novella, “Act of Redemption,” many more avenues exist for new authors.  The ebook revolution remains in full bloom, and choices for ebook publications can be done with minimal expense.  Also, paperbacks still have their place in publishing; some readers still prefer actual paper books, so if the budget allows, it’s available.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the variability of these services.  Do your homework and compare your prices.  Self-publishing companies are still out there that will clean out your bank account faster than a shopping spree at Macy’s.

I think more new authors are feeling more comfortable in their Indie status; with some gathering readers and having reasonable sales.  Especially for fiction, the “Indie” brand to me doesn’t have the “slush pile” shadow to it as much as it did once.  New authors have options for exposure not just through social networking; mass time-restrained giveaway programs are now available, such as KDP.

What about traditional publishing?  As an Indie writer, I admit I haven’t checked that route in a while.  From what I’ve gleamed from my virtual colleagues is that agents, query letters, editors, and all the goodies from before are all there, probably why it’s called “traditional.”  I have heard more and more agents will only accept complete, edited, perfected, publish-ready work.  Therefore, the cost of the editing would go to the author if that is the case.  It did for a friend of mine.

So I was a new author.  I’m still a new author.  I write my stories, have them edited and published by the means of my choosing.  On this fabulous journey there is something to learn every day.  I highly recommend it.

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