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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review of “Death by Student Loan” by L. C. Russell by C.C.Cole

“Death by Student Loan” caught my attention immediately out of sympathy for those out there with student loans having had the experience also.

The story begins with a woman with multiple degrees living in a beachside Victorian house burdened with the stress of the student loan payment.  She gets hurled into the past of 1950s America, where she meets some relatives she never knew and high-profile people when they were younger.  With a twist of solving a decades-old murder mystery, the book ends on a positive, fun note.  I think this is entertaining, light reading, and my only critique is that the story could have been taken down so many other routes to drive home harder the message of the stress of student loan payments.  However, the critique is more likely preference on my part and not against the creativity of this well-written book.  Three stars!

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