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Saturday, August 13, 2011

On Politics and the New Author by C.C.Cole

As I’ve continue to learn the blogosphere, I’ve seen many talented writers put their creative energy into real-life issues important to us all, meaning domestic violence, poverty, and politics.  Like I’ve written before about money, political issues are a very important and personal issue for all of us, and are nothing to take lightly.

Though I write dark fantasy, and read almost every genre, I do try to keep up with current events.  I recall as a kid griping because my Mom had the news on, and she’d say, “We need to know what’s happening in the world.” 

As an adult, now I agree with her.  Also, as an adult, it surprises me how many other adults live their peaceful lives with little attention to world events or politics.   I believe in “To each their own,” but when a controversial events take place, I’m amazed at the surprised look I get when I mention the news, but have some understanding that many adults are busy, working parents, with their minds on picking up their kids from school and making sure they do their homework.

Like people that follow politics, I believe as grown-ups, we bear some responsibility to follow important political issues, as it affects everyone, including (and especially) the youngsters.  But no one has the ability to make people care about anything; to tactfully increase awareness is a better personal approach than derogatory comments to another person.  In print, politics is everywhere; one cannot get in Yahoo without some political news in the headline, and that’s just the Internet.  Cable/broadcast/radio news is nearly ubiquitous.

So what of politics and the new author?  Well, if politics is your “thing” then go for it.  Plenty are out there exposing their passion for what’s right and wrong; and it’s their right to speak/write and the individuals’ right to ignore if they choose.  I will state this:  Politics has been and always will be controversial and passionate.  If you lash out in your blog, or at another blog, be ready for the blowback.  Also, politics is well-saturated by professionals making huge careers from their views, so the competition/credibility may be quite a challenge if you’re aim is to be a political writer. 

As a new author, I try to keep my author/blogger-verse as “politically sterile” as possible, not because I’m not interested, but because I prefer to give a brief release from real-world stressors.  Since I’ve begun reviewing new Indie fiction and some classics, I’ve found a new outlet for dealing with the stress of current events, a little break with a good fantasy or horror read (in horror especially, it points out things can always be worse).  I take time out of my day to update myself on “hard news,” and the balance with creating/enjoying fiction/non-fiction allows exposure to both worlds.

So, new authors, is politics your thing?  Then build a thick skin, go forth, and hopefully inspire for the better.  But remember, you’re touching a topic that’s hot and emotional, so you will get burned at times. 


  1. I find very original political thoughts on the web. Most profess the ideas of others or otherwise express "safe" thoughts. It's annoying.

  2. Excellent point and thank you for the comment.

  3. I burned out on politics after the Obama election, content after all my hard work that the right man finally had the job, and sort of tuned out over the last three years or so. However, with the Republican primaries heating up and folks like Bachman and Perry entering the fray, I'm starting to catch up on stuff once more. So yes! This indie author is rekindling his old passion for politics--but like you, keeping it out of his blog and his visible online persona. I'm interested in my readers as fans of dark fantasy, regardless of their political orientation!

  4. Thanks for the comment! Rock on!