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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review of “I Wear the Shorts in this Family" by Charles Dowdy, Review by C.C.Cole

Mr. Dowdy gives the reader his first person account of his day-to-day experience as a father raising his children with his wife. While he admits that he feels like he’s talking to himself, it reads like he is, which to me is complimentary.  He takes his experience from marriage, pregnancy, sports, dance recitals, and later to a too-close-for-comfort experience that would be a parent’s worst nightmare.  I would recommend this book for all parents or parents to be because of the realistic message.  My main critique of the book is his bitterness throughout most of the book except the end.  It’s like he’s felt he had to give up something because he had kids, but I do believe he meant that his kids give him a lot, it’s just easier to see it in hindsight.  Congratulations, Mr. Dowdy, and three and a half stars!

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