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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4 stars for short story "Let's Pretend" by Erik Gustafson!!

In “Let’s Pretend,” Mr. Gustafson re-creates the real world through the eyes of a child.  Johnny is an ordinary boy doing what we adults recall in our everyday lives of childhood by playing war, admiring Star Wars posters, and watching favorite cartoons.  As Johnny becomes more fascinated with his make-believe world, it incorporates into his own reality separate of his parents’ as he merges into the entertaining but violent world of television.  As the story reaches its end, Johnny successfully separates from reality, leaving a disturbing but valid point, as part of maturity is the ability to recognize fantasy in the world of reality.  Four stars for Mr. Gustafson!

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  1. Note, as I stated in my essay "New Authors Reviewing New Authors," with this story I didn't understand the ending. So I contacted Erik, we had intelligent communication, he made modifications and the result is an insightful, well-done short story. This may be a 'soft approach' to a new author but coming from myself, another new author, I think this gives him a chance to improve. I don't pretend to be a professional reviewer/editor. So write, new authors!! CCCole