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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Iron in the Fire

Yara Greyjoy, Game of Thrones, Wiki image

Asha (Yara in Game of Thrones) Greyjoy visits the lead character of the Gastar novellas to discuss the the actions of her ancestors and the fate of her family.

Shevata read slowly through the large scroll, scowling at the words as the finished the last line.  Rolling it back up, she tossed it on her desk.  “Disgusting!”
Zermon leaned over her desk, fumbling with his huge demonic with a small box as he tried to open it.  Shevata snatched it from him.  “Don’t touch anything.  And get off my desk.”
He stood up.  “You’re such a pain in the ass.  The group is rounded up.”  He pointed at the scroll.  “Send her to me when you’re ready.”  He walked out into the fiery world of Hell, out of her tiny oasis of a room seemingly untouched by the surroundings.  She nodded to a demon to bring Asha Greyjoy in.

“Remove the chains.”  Shevata watched the strong, rugged but attractive young woman sit across from her at her desk. 
“You touch me and I’ll cut your heart out.”  Asha pulled the chains away.
“Yes, I know all that.”  Shevata handed her the scroll.  “Please be quiet and read.”
Asha read the scroll in haste and handed it back.  “It’s the history of my family.”
“You admit this?  Murder?  Using people as thralls, an atrocity known to Zermon’s demonic equals?  The Old Way? The Iron Price?  Killing for anything you get?  This is honorable to you?”
“It is honorable to my people.”
“Your people are here.  Bask in the glory of their honor at the firepits where Zermon burns their souls as we speak.”
Asha spit.  “I won’t bend to your witchcraft.”
Shevata motioned to the demon at the door.  “Chain her back up.  Let’s go.” 

They arrived at the firepit while Zermon watched from his giant obsidian throne at agonizing deaths of scores of people as they bobbed in a pit of fire.  “These came down already burned from that Harrenhal place.   I’ve got more coming from a family called Wyck, I think.  Who’s next?  Yeah.  Pyke.  Where do you find these nasty people?  Hurry up, they’re stinking up the place here.”  Zermon sniffed and wove the smoke away in disgust. 

Shevata turned to Asha.  “The Ironborn ended up here.”  Asha watched in silence.  “I’m sorry, I know your people’s words.  But what is dead will never die because they will forever die down here.”  She handed her the scroll.  “Take this back with you.  If you can’t save your evil family, I’ll be seeing you again.”

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