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Saturday, October 5, 2013

On Becoming a Blogger

Sam and Jackie in "Boss"

When my first novel “Act of Redemption” was published in 2009, I had an uninteresting website, an empty Facebook page, and a Twitter account that had more unfollows than follows.  With zero experience in social networking, I sat like a paper napkin to absorb all types of money wasting promotions, spam accusations, all just to be disposed of when done with.

The email from Google informing me that my site had zero visits didn’t encourage me either.  A local company reassured me for a mere $10K they could set up a website for me that would draw thousands.  Hmm.  Fool me once.   So I ditched everything I paid for and started over.

The first big door to open for me obviously was the creation of my own blog.  I chose Blogger and still like it, and ditched my paid for Wordpress blog that was as distasteful as my old website.  (blasphemy, I know, wordpress fans).  It’s not that I have any big problem with Wordpress, but Blogger was easier for me.

Next, what to post on a blog?  The early days were embarrassing.  I posted a few links and short videos of a fantasy guy that builds cool fantasy gadgets.  I thought, “Here it is, my blog!  Hi!  Uh…hello?”  Realizing I need real remedial help, I joined “The Blog Farm,” who sent me an email offering to refund my money because of my useless blog.

Ouch.  Frustrated, after some email exchanges, “The Blog Farm” helped me understand what was needed to have a blog, which is original work.  In order to blog, I had to write something.  Anything.  I’m supposed to be a writer, right?  Finally, the light bulb went off in my dense head and my series of “new author” articles began and my guest posting started right away. 

As time went by, I learned there could always be too much of a good thing.  By being over-enthusiastic, I found myself blogging for several blogs, which accelerated my awful carpal tunnel syndrome to the point that I required shots in both wrists instead of surgery.  (Both hands can’t be operated on at the same time, so when both are extremely inflamed, they give steroid shots deep in the wrists).  Realizing this was a wake up call, I backed away, took a few months off and recently returned to cyberspace to my own blog.

My inspiration?  Answer:  Everything that inspires me to write, books, films, experiences, and dreams.  I’ve spent a decade reading columns on the computer during lunch breaks, which helped me learn how to pace blog posts.  Does every writer need to blog?  Answer:  I don’t think so.  Most writers find their own way to connect with readers.  No size fits all, and blogging is no exception.

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