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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review of “The Doppelganger Experiment” by Margaret Millmore

I finished “The Doppelganger Experiment” by Margaret Millmore recently, and thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Told in first-person, it chronicles the story of a young woman named Jane, who awakens after an accident to find her life changed; a husband she didn’t know, former friends that over time weren’t the same, and gradually finds out an ugly truth that uncovers nothing is what it seems.  With Orwellian undertones, this is an entertaining read with a gradual, steady, pull on the intrigue that is enough to keep the reader interested without a thrown-in dull moments or pushed dialogue.   I highly recommend this novel to readers that enjoy a return to science fiction and the use of “doppelganger” in a non-fantasy setting.  Five stars!


  1. Thanks for the encouraging review. Was on the fence about this book. I think I'll read it. Nice Job!!
    laura thomas