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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On Medieval Dark Fantasy at Its Finest

After plowing through “The Sword and the Dragon” by ace author M.R. Mathias, I was swept in along with the rest of the masses of his fans into his world of post-Tolkien non-Martin medieval dark fantasy.  Though this book has the elements of role-playing games, there is a story there, and not a simple one, but is a good one.  There’s action, a love interest, magical rings, a magic sword, an evil wizard, and last, but not least, a dragon.  Ah, and don’t forget the eggs!  Literally.  This book is great, because the story has all of the goodies we like in our memories of role-playing games, but it doesn’t feel like I’m rolling dice when I’m reading it.  By combining a well balance of action, intrigue, family ties, and a love interest, Mathias has created a clever novel that’s hard to put down.  Excellent work, five stars!

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